Did you get your tea?

...Not for the shade, just 'cause it's delicious!

Is it just me, or does the ever-increasing Health and Beauty industry feel nothing short of daunting these days? A quick google search and you will find yourself in a sea of information: page after page of different, sometimes contradicting advice. I don’t know about you, But I find it totally overwhelming!!

I feel like google has taken a big gulp of red cordial and is yelling at you different techniques, brands, new improved superfoods, do this skincare regime, don’t eat this, take this pill, NEVER do this… and before you know it, you are confused, scared quite frankly embarrassed at your apparent lack of knowledge and are looking for that little red ‘X’ at the top of the screen before you’ve even realised what’s happened!!

GURL, let me tell you, a few years ago – this was me on repeat. Always searching for something that would make the elusive balance of ‘health & happy life’ seem achievable… to feel like I belonged.

I can’t tell you how many times I thought “WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR ME? It seems like it’s so easy for everyone else!! Why am I struggling so DARN MUCH to feel happily in control?”

I honestly thought some people must just be unicorns… and I’m just you plain old average horse. That had to be it right? How else could my idols have perfectly clear skin, not binge on chocolate (and wine and cheese) … How could they love burpees? How oh HOW do they not struggle at all? Blessed. Unicorns.

BUT. Fast forward a couple of years, and like with all good life lessons (especially those involving unicorns) I’ve learnt and grown so much since then; my ENTIRE perspective on health and wellness has changed.

Because here’s the thing: Is there even such a thing as perfection??

Perfection is paralysing – it stops us from working from the heart! It stops us from acknowledging and feeling the feels! It stops us from becoming alight with passion and creativity and self love! If we are always so focused on perfection it strips us from all the quirks that make us unique!

So now, with 20/20 vision only hindsight can give you, I can pinpoint and breakdown my biggest health and wellness roadblocks. I devoted all of my energy into learning about the relationship between food, hormones, stress, exercise and the effects they have on every aspect of your mind and body. AND how to combat them!

Celebrities – SM babes – Men – Women – Colleagues – Partners; We ALL have own crosses to bear. How we choose to deal with them? Now that’s completely in our control.

Knowledge is and always will be power, sharing experiences is what connects us; unifies us. I hope that by sharing my experiences – it will help you feel like, where ever you are on your personal transition from horse to unicorn – you WILL get there with a smile on your face! 


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