Friend or foes


 We all have them. They can be our friends or the root of all evil (… or so it feels like). 

Too much or not enough and it can genuinely feel like someone else is calling the shots in your brain (and body). 

So. Hormonal imbalances. If you’re thinking PMS, yes that is definitely a disruptive hormonal surge - but there are SO many other lessor known symptoms that can be a HUGE sign of an imbalance in your hormonal profile, for guys and gals too! 

Not only do hormones dictate the obvious things - but they play a huge role intrinsically in WHO we are, and HOW we think and feel about ourselves. (if you’ve been on a few different types of the PILL you will understand this all too well!!) Things like anxiety, depression, obesity, exhaustion, cellulite, cravings, sore boobs, stubborn fat, self worth, inability to sleep (and turn your brain off), acne, hair loss, hair growth, man boobs, reoccurring UTI’s and even the inability to feel pride, reward and self satisfaction ( and honestly so many more)... These are signs your bod may be suffering from some kind of hormonal imbalance! 

Thing is,  many things can disrupt your hormonal levels in todays modern society. 

Too much cortisol (stress hormone), adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, GMO foods, exposure to xenoestrogens, obesity and just so many more!  

I like to think of hormones as little buckets that can only hold so much. Once those buckets are full... the excess flows over the top - but that excess has to go somewhere! 

Too much Estrogen and you could be storing fat in those “womanly” areas; Inside and outside of thighs, back of arms, lower belly and of course, hips! It may also increase the severity of PMS symptoms like migraines, mood changes and painful periods. 

Too much Testosterone (DHT) can contribute to things like PCOS,  cystic acne (and ovaries), hair loss and excess hair growth! 

Vitex is a herb that is synonyms with hormones as it regulates your ratios and helps to detoxifies excess Estrogen. It gives your body the tools to create the correct conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen during your cycle, and helps to balance Androgen levels. Nutshell: It’s the instruction manual your body has been looking for.

If some of these things resonate with you, give Vitex a Google and read all about it. But more importantly -

Know your body. If something doesn’t feel right - seek professional advice! Chat to an allied health professional, like a Naturopath or you local GP before changing anything! 



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