Diet vs. Topical

#7 Care about your skincare!

Skin is your largest organ and chances are if you're seeing some changes surfacing on your skin, it's a pretty good bet to assume they are occurring from changes in your body! Remember your body is a system of a million working parts therefore treating skin concerns needs to be looked at systemically. 

The main culprits of angry skin are things that most of us experience on some level, however they effect us all differently.

So let's look inside, out, and understand skin! 

Diet is the first place to look. 

Inflammatory foods, and food intolerances can appear on your skin. Common foods to look out for are Dairy and Gluten. Be careful of Soy products as too much can create an hormonal imbalances, but bear in mind If your body can’t process the things your eating - It’s going to tell you in one way or another!!

Deficiencies in essential nutrients, especially Zinc and B vitamins can contribute to poor skin healing and lastly try to reduce intake of insulin spiking foods (refined sugar and simple carbs are the main culprits) this will help to regulate your glycemic load. 

Second, and the tricky one - Lets talk hormones.
If you’ve tried everything (twice) and nothing seems to make any difference- it’s more often than not a systematic issue, like a hormonal imbalance. Which is almost (dare I say it) a good thing!! How?!?! Because you’ve found the root; the cause! Now you’ve got a place to work back from!!! Generally speaking - if you’re suffering from acne, especially hard (sore) cystic acne predominantly around your chin and cheeks- chances are your body is struggling to detoxify an excess of testosterone. (Which is why the Pill helps to clear skin. It regulates your hormone ratio pathways). A holistic approach is essential if this sounds like you! But first step- blood test! 

So now let’s talk topically. 

Before you start with an expensive skincare regime, lets make sure what you are suffering from isn’t  a bacterial overgrowth! Try useing antibacterial & antifungal wash on everything. Pillow cases, clothes, face washers, towels. E v e r y t h i n g!! If it touches your skin, use it!! All skin carries bacteria yes- but you want to eliminate the possibility of fungal overgrowth and bad acne causing bacteria (especially on your body). You could be on the right track topically- but re infecting with the baddies through the simplest of means. If you think this might be you, try using ‘Head and Shoulders’ as a body wash (fun fact: dandruff is essentially a fungus... so anti dandruff shampoo contains anti-fungal properties!) And use an anti-fungal detergent (Just from Woolies- I think it’s Canesten). Ps. Remember antiBACTERIA and antiFUNGAL do different things!

Lastly! Hyrolauric acid, Jojoba oil, Rose hip oil and Tamanu oil are my top picks for topical skin health! 



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