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#3 One whey or another - Get enough Protein

Only a few short years ago, protein powder was considered something only for body builders and...Popeye. It has been long feared by women who are actively trying to lose weight, slim down and those who are avoiding anything and everything that has the potential to add ' bulk' or build those 'spinach filled' bulging muscles!

So let's go back to basics, and understand the relationship between muscles and protein, and why protein is so important for recovery, building lean muscle mass and losing fat!

Like most things in our body, our muscles are made up of protein; they are comprised of singular fibrous tissues, bundled together by connective tissue to form what is a rope like structure.

Not only are our muscles made up of proteins, but they are also fuelled by this essential amino acid too.

In our everyday activities, we rely on 3 main energy sources; Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins. These 3 sources can be found in almost every food and are essential in our everyday life.

So why should we supplement protein in our diets when we exercise?

During Intense workouts, your muscles take a pretty big hit. The proteins in your muscles begin to break down during use, causing what are essentially tiny tears in these fibrous tissues.

Now these microscopic tears can take anywhere up to 48hours to heal, hence why we experience that 'worked out' feeling the next day or, what we call in the business 'DOMS'; delayed onset muscles soreness.

So that's muscles in a nutshell- You use them, they breakdown... They recover, repair and rebuild stronger. Check.

Ok, so now think about this- If you have a cut... your body goes through a few processes in order to fix your wound. However, to optimize the healing process... we step in, clean it out and cover it up with a bandaid, until it has completely healed. Sure It will heal fine without the bandaid, however it will be more efficient, more sanitary and will allow the action to happen faster- under the protection of the bandaid.

Annnnd your muscles react the same to protein. They heal faster, heal stronger, plus reduce the recovery time, simply by feeding them with what they need!

Supplementing protein within 15 mins of finishing your workout, sends amino acids straight to your muscles that have just been used. This fast absorbing 'food' for your muscles will quickly boost recovery, kick-start muscle growth and most importantly fuel your body to continue to burn at this fast pace for many hours to come; keeping you in the fatburning zone well after you have finished your workout.

Crazy right? By having  protein after exercise you trick your body into burning at this accelerated rate all day! Bonus!

Now there are a few different types of protein powders that are designed to cater for specific goals and different stages in your muscles recovery and growth. 

As a great rule of thumb, try to go for a protein with as little ingredients and additives as possible. My preferred brand is ATP Science "No Way". 

I also LOVE to make protein balls with this as well for protein on the go!

Simply add blend a scoop of 



-10 almonds 

-1tbs coconut oil

Easy, delicious recovery food! 

You will be amazed at the difference in your recovery and results! 



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