Your go-to guide for the latest Nutrition & Wellness hacks, Beauty secrets and Luxury products to keep you looking and feeling fabulous everyday!


Runners -> Heels -> Fuzzy socks

and everything in between.

Ever wondered if you were the only one who slept in their gym clothes to ah... motivate yourself to wake up early and exercise? Or rubbed coconut oil on every surface of your body to see if the rumors were true?

....*looks around nervouslyyeah *coughs* no no, us neither.

Truth: We've all been there! Convinced the latest  fitness tip, beauty hack or nutrition 'holy grail' was 'finally the one' that was going to change our life. Let me say it again, WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE!  Let's just call it market research.

'Ten with Tess' is a LIVE Health and Wellness seminar designed to break down the fads, look at the science behind the latest "musts" and discuss all thing Health, Wellness, Luxury and Beauty with your fav celebs.  

What does your idol really think about burpees? We've got the answer!  (plus their ultimate cheat meal and how they keep balanced from 6am to 6pm).

In 10 tips, Tess (and a few of her friends) will unlock weekly beauty secrets, discuss the do's- and the definitely do's- of nutrition and help the average gal feel anything BUT average! *spoiler* Even your magazine girl crush has faced exactly the same concerns YOU struggle with!  

Because cooking is meant to be fun..

...Exercise IS a celebration...

..and life is meant to be lived!


Hey there beautiful, It's me, Tess

Grab a cup of tea and come and sit with me..

Is it just me or does the ever increasing Health and Beauty industry feel nothing short of daunting these days? A quick Google search and you will find yourself in a sea of information; page after page of...


Seminar Re-caps!

...Who remembers ten tips anyway? Get them here!


March 8th

How to stay balanced from 6am to 6pm


March 15th 

Stress 101- CityCave


LIVE Seminars 
Every Thursday 12pm
Lvl 1 - QP Cabana - QueensPlaza Brisbane City

Upcoming Events

Your go-to guide for the latest Health and Nutrition hacks - Beauty secrets and Luxury products to keep you looking and feeling fabulous everyday!

Friday 11th May

Moet Magic - Food Pairing

Immerse yourself in the glamorous world of Moet & Chandon with a food pairing discovery like no other! Unlock the secret to matching food with specific notes of their finest champagne - creating the most magical moments with Moët & Chandon.

Join Tess and Jeff as they explore the undernotes, fragrances and pallet feels of the worlds most loved champagne!

Thursday 29th March


Raise your hand if your days are SO busy you barely have time to stop, far less even think about a lunch break, FAR LESS healthy meal prep! You're not alone; 4Ingredients - enter stage left! 

Get ready to streamline your cooking life with THOUSANDS of simple, nutritious and delicious recipes. Tess chats to Kim and Michelle, the masterminds behind 4ingredients on their cupboard staples, organic produce and their go-to recipes! 

Thursday 22nd March

Beauty 101

You’ve watched the tutorials - now lets get the step by step demonstration! See the latest beauty tips and tricks, including how to achieve this Summer's hottest beauty looks! 

Not entirely sure how to achieve that effortlessly sculpted arch? Sit back, relax and watch the team explain all the celeb beauty tips and secrets!


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